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Introducing Sendlane 3.0

Our vision is simple

To offer a cross-channel, multi-communication marketing automation engine that empowers your business with more than just email.

Simplicity and New Look

A fresh update on our already easy-to-use interface makes things more intuitive than ever.

The redesign gives you access to robust features at your fingertips, without cumbersome technical facets or a long onboarding process.

Plus, we've added a ton of brand new features, from a pop up form builder to a visual workflow builder.


Cross-Channel Marketing

Additional integrations with smarter, intelligence-driven capabilities allow you to automate your entire marketing experience.

Quickly update your advertising efforts with Facebook, leverage our GotoWebinar integration to "listen" for attendance results after your webinar and so much more!

And of course, you can leverage our powerful connections that have been enhanced even further to provide the deepest data from your favorite shopping carts.

Multi-Communication Channels

Email is still our personal favorite, but now it's only ONE of the communication mediums available to you. With this update, you'll have access to brand new SMS automation. In the near future, you can expect new communication channels such as Push Notifications, Chat Bots, and in-app Messaging. (ETA mid 2019)

Our goal is to provide one central place where you can login and manage all of your marketing communication with every single contact, lead or customer.

This all-in-one approach empowers you to improve the ROI of every single facet of your marketing efforts, including your customer LTV.

Customer Journey

Intelligent Integrations

Most integrations simply pull a contacts' name and email.

But why does it have to stop there? With our newest update, we're building intelligent integrations that pass data at the deepest levels available.

From actions to purchase history to how long someone attended your webinar, we're "listening" so you can monitor and track the customer journey of every single contact on your list.

Sendlane 3.0 is coming

As a current or future customer, you should know that we're making some changes to our prices as well.

We're splitting our plans into 3 different pricing options based on the features and capabilities you want and NEED for your business.


Our new transparent pricing


With the Growth Plan, you can expect a similar experience to what you have now with the current platform, but with all the benefits of our updated design and fresh new look!

$35/month $59/month $99/month


  • Marketing Automation
  • Unlimited Sending
  • Campaigns
  • Lead Capture
  • User Segmentation
  • Real-Time Analytics
  • Tags & Custom Fields
  • Email Template Library
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Send Optimization
  • List Hygiene
  • Integrations

By Sendlane 3.0

Marketing Automation Pro

Once you graduate to the Marketing Automation Pro Plan, you'll start to experience the future of Sendlane. This all-inclusive marketing automation package gives you the deepest integrations, powerful triggers and event-based actions, along with alternative communication channels (like SMS).

$150/month $249/month $319/month Custom quote

All Growth Features Plus

  • Trigger & Event Based Automation
  • Deep Data Integrations
  • Website Tracking & Intelligence
  • Advanced Multivariable Segmentation
  • SMS Marketing
  • API Transactional Emails
  • Deep Data Analytics
  • Trigger & Event-Based Lead Capture
  • Intelligent Integrations

Enterprise / Agency

And finally, we have our Enterprise Plan which features white label capabilities and custom dedicated IPs for sending so you can customize the full experience for individual users.

$299/month $383/month Custom Quote

All Marketing Automation Pro

  • White Label
  • API Transactional Emails
  • DKIM & Custom Domains
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Dedicated IP Address

As we make this shift,
your plan will automatically be upgraded to the appropriate plan listed above. And as always, you'll have the opportunity to upgrade or downgrade your plan based on your business needs.

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Change and innovation are the keys to growing a brand, product, or service. These ideas are the epitome of evolution and here at Sendlane, our initial vision continues to evolve. Today, we're here to tell you about our next iteration!

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